Light the Night

Light the Night is an annual findraising event for the Leukemia Foundation.  it is a beautifl evening lantern walk designed to raise money for Leukemia research, whilst at the same time bringing together people who have been touched by this horrible disease.

When you register for the event you choose your colour of lantern. Gold to remember loved ones lost to blood cancer, white for those who have been diagnosed themselves and blue for those who are there to show community support for all those effected.

The whole experience of the walk was very serene and there really was a sense of community there. I really liked the fact that the different colours all meant something different becasue it meant that those who needed the support could be identified, but also, they knew that there was a a lot of people ther e(with blue lanterns) to support them.   

I really hope that one day soon we have a breakthorugh in some kind of cancer research, so that we can start to make headways towards being able to cure these horrible diseases.