The Adnyamathanha people of South Australia are currently fighting the destruction of their land on two separate fronts. The government is seriously considering placing a Nuclear Waste Dump on a very sacred women’s place in the Flinders Ranges just 10km from Wilpena Pound. Also a company called Leigh Creek Energy have just been given the go ahead for a gasification test plant at the old Leigh Creek coal mine site, with the plan to expand into a full gasification plant.

Both of these plans would be a total disaster for Adnyamathanha land, culture and spirituality. I found myself in a position of not wanting to have to tell my children that I did nothing to try and stop these disasters from happening, so I looked to a group of women who were a true inspiration to me in my teenage years.

This song is most commonly known as part of the songbook from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. The Peace Camp was setup to protest nuclear weapons in 1981 (the year I was born). it was closed in September 1992, after the Cold War ended. The “four minutes to midnight” refers to the Doomsday Clock, and reflects the amount of warning Britain would have should Russia launch a bomb.

I, like the women of Greenham before me, believe that music is a very powerful way of getting a message across, so I decided to perform and upload this particular song in support of the Adnhamathana people and also in remembrance of the amazing things achieved by the women of the Greenham Common.